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Pete is an award-winning writer, photographer, speaker and adventurer. He's climbed peaks in the world's great mountain ranges, paraglided over the Swiss Alps, ridden a bull for eight seconds (just barely), flown a glider over Vermont's Green Mountains, kayaked with whales, eaten indigenous cuisine in local markets, and traveled extensively to satisfy his insatiable wanderlust. He has a passion for outdoor adventure and cultural experience, whether through connecting with the heritage of the American West, or participating in Aymara traditions in the Andean highlands.

He writes books, and writes for magazines. Pete's photography has also appeared in numerous magazines, as well as in individuals' private collections. As a speaker, he shares stories from his adventures, insight into the world of writing, and seminars on sustainability and the environment for audiences internationally, ranging from intimate groups of ten, to large groups of nearly 2,000.

Take a look around and come along for the ride through Pete's writing, photography and presentations. One of Pete's greatest pleasures is sharing his experiences with others. And if you like what you see, don't be shy about letting Pete know, or putting him to work for you today!

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